Style With Kate

Style With Kate February 2012 Newsletter

Fresh Make-up for a Feel Good February

At this time of year we all want to look healthy and glowing and to achieve that, we need to be clever with our cosmetics.

So, whether it’s a romantic Valentine’s dinner, a job interview or you are planning a proposal of marriage – it is leap year after all ladies! – make sure you look radiant with your best make-up looks.

Is your make-up making the most of YOU?

It’s easy to stick to old make-up routines because you ‘don’t have time’ to try new ones or you think the old ones still work fine. But, is your make-up making the most of you?

Think about it: is your make up saying ‘sexy’ or ‘overdone’? ‘Subtle’ or ‘washed-out’? Part of the problem is that we inherit and pick up advice, habits – good and bad, and product knowledge from Mums, sisters and friends plus all the beauty information we can absorb but don’t always consider what actually works for us.

What look should I go for at this time of year?

You are trying to acheive a Spring-like glow in the middle of Winter, so you want to keep your make-up simple, fresh and as radiant as possible. Your skin needs to look its best so look after it and use products that suit it. Do invest in a good blusher, don’t go too heavy on eye make-up, use highlighter accordingly.

Take a tip from forties Hollywood camera-ready make-up with good-looking skin (even if it means extra foundation at this time of year), great eye lashes and fabulous lipstick.

There is more to make-up than meets the eye.

The best lesson you can learn about make-up is what suits YOU. You need to understand your face shape, your colouring and your personality. Once you have mastered this you can create the looks that complement you AND ensure that you send out the right signals, whatever the situation or occasion.

Choosing the right colours.

There are thousands of make-up colours out there – some will make you look radiant, while others can make you look unhealthy or age you prematurely.

Once you understand your colouring type and your best make-up colours you can limit the cosmetics you buy to selecting only those that make you look fabulous. Plus, the recommended shades will work with your wardrobe too!