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Style With Kate January 2012 Newsletter

Revise, Revitalise & Accessorise: the New Year Wardrobe Update

We all reinvent ourselves in various ways throughout life and a new year inspires us to ‘renew’ ourselves. It might be changing a small part of our weekly routine, getting more exercise, trying something new or giving our home or personal look a bit of an update.

One of the easiest new year pick-me-ups is a little style revamp but where do you start? The best place to begin is your wardrobe; so, before you go out and make the most of the high street discounts, assess the old before you start buying the new.

The Wardrobe Assessment

When assessing your wardrobe, don’t just flick through the hangers, take everything out and hang it around the room, lay it out on the bed and move things about. Sometimes it takes seeing garments in a different light, literally, to see how you can give them an update. Whilst it is wise to hang on to some really good pieces, don’t keep things just because they are good if they don’t suit you. Someone else will make better use of them.

Keepers for 2012

Shapes and Styles

Midi and maxi skirt lengths are sticking around as are feminine fabrics such as chiffon and silks. There is still a vintage 40’s/50’s influence with looks that hail the female shape such as full skirts and curve-flattering shift dresses. Fortunately, dresses are everywhere so pull out all your dresses and work them with different separates, colours and accessories to make them feel renewed.


Unusual graphics, banding and bold floral patterns appear with a new twist. To give your patterns a current look you can mix them up a little. Unless you’re a real creative or fashion forward personality, go with just as much as you feel comfortable with; it should suit your personality and overall look. Texture is almost as popular as pattern with embellishments and overlays such as lace, devore, metals and sequins so if you don’t have any, make that a new little buy.


Whatever you do in 2012, if you don’t have any red then make sure you invest in your best red shades, it’s the colour of the year. Fortunately, colour is still a big story so you can keep all your great colours and try wearing them in different ways. Key shades for next season (apart from reds) are greens, oranges and blues. Mix your red shades together (or green shades or blue shades..), wear an entire block of colour or wear a more subtle shade or a neutral (e.g. grey, cream, camel) shade with a stronger colour.

Accessories – the easiest way to update

Accessories need an update too and they are a great way to revamp your look with little outlay. You’ve seen previous articles about one dress with several different looks, the accessories are key here.

The neck has become the focus for accessories with the scarf being a must-have in recent seasons. The most current neck detail is the collar. You can buy a top with a pretty collar or find a collar accessory to give your neat jerseys or cardigans a new look. If you’re crafty and creative you can design your own.

Not everyone suits detail around the neck or décolletage so if this look isn’t for you then make your new accessory a handbag. Find a great new shape or colour that works for your style. You won’t go wrong with a day clutch bag to look utterly on-trend!