Style With Kate

Style With Kate March 2012 Newsletter

Choose Your Spring Jacket

Spring cover-up has never been so colourful and stylish!

It’s not just a question of keeping the chill off, it’s about investing in a jacket that you can show off and enjoy wearing. So, here are our top jacket buys for the new season.

The Modern Blazer

The modern blazer comes in a range of cuts, lengths and colours so we’re not just talking about the classic tailored look here. Your blazer might be anything from a collarless box style, a peplum or a relaxed boyfriend look. It has become an enduring alternative to the cardigan because there are so many cuts avaliable to choose from.

It is a better option for later in the season when it’s warmer, but you can still wear a jersey underneath it on cooler days. It’s always worth having a couple of blazers in your wardrobe as they can make a simple outfit something a bit more special. They can add shape and a stylish edge and this season they will add colour too; there are blazers in the most wonderful range of shades from light

pastels to bold brights, so you won’t be short of choice.

Style Tips: pick a colour that looks great on you and works with a number of outfits and make sure you get the right cut for your figure.

The Sporty Parka

The lightweight parka never really goes out of style, but this season it gets an Olympic update with a stylish sporty edge. It’s always a winner for British springs and summers as it’s easy to carry with you anywhere, ready for that unexpected shower. The new look is more neat casual than slouchy sportswear and there are plenty colours to choose from.

Choose one of your best shades and you’ll be set for spring, plus it will brighten your spirits on a grey day. Or, why not make like an Olympic number one and go for gold – the metallic parka adds a touch of glitz.

Style Tip: the only rule here is: don’t be boring!

The Barbour

If you haven’t seen what is going on at Barbour, then now is the time to have a look. You may be surprised to find that they have restyled and updated their collection. New looks offer the classic design with modern a twist and some come in a range of fabulous colours.

See their Rainbow International Bright Brass range with shades from navy to fuchsia to yellow. It’s not a cheap buy but you will be investing in a top quality British brand. Barbour’s padded styles and wax fabric has certainly inspired many other brands to imitate them, so you will see plenty copycats for both spring and 2012 which may suit your budget better. It’s worth investing in the look.

Style Tip: the Barbour generally comes with lots of pockets and detail so, be careful not to go too bulky if you are curvy, although you will find the lightweight fabrics easier to wear.

The Waterfall Knit

For those who prefer a more informal and comfortable look then a knit will probably suit you better. The waterfall knit is still popular this year so you can bring out your pieces from previous seasons, but you might want to invest in a new one in a great colour.

Style Tip: check the scale and length of the garment to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Give your Mum some Star Treatment – Mother’s Day 18th March

Make Mum feel like a film star on Mother’s Day with a style, colour or make-up makeover.

We all know that when we wear something we feel good and look good in, it makes us feel like a million dollars. Book a special ‘feel good’ treat for Mum – or why not make it an pamper session for the two of you.