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Travel in Style this Summer

Travel In Style This Summer

If your Summer getaway is getting closer you’ll likely be starting to think about what to pack.

How often do you find you take a suitcase PACKED with outfits, only to return with (at least) half of them un-worn?

This Summer, we’re giving you our top tips and insider tricks to ensure you can travel LIGHT and in STYLE – no more excess baggage charges!

Our Top Tips


If you’re going away for a two week beach holiday ask yourself honestly how many daytime outfits you really need.

Chances are you’ll be spending most of your time in swimwear and a cover-up.

If you plan to wear each cover-up three times then really you only need four or five daytime outfit options to see you through a two week holiday. The same applies to evening outfit options too; wear each item three times and take separates so you can mix and match them, as well as a few accessories to ensure you can keep variety throughout your trip.

You can always treat yourself and use the hotel laundry service during your stay too.


There’s no need to take full-size beauty products away with you. Decant them into smaller bottles which will take up much less space in your suitcase.

We also recommend taking minimum make-up products. Stick with your tried and tested favourites, rather than taking a selection. Going for a more natural look on holiday will allow your skin to breathe and your natural beauty to shine through.


Get organised with separate garment bags for your clothes.

We recommend using a separate bag for each type of clothing so you can easily see what you have and ensure you wear it all – a little like having perfectly organised portable wardrobe!

These handy bags are also great for ensuring your accessories stay separated and don’t pull or damage your clothing as well as ensuring your footwear doesn’t leave any marks on your favourite dress!

Available from both Amazon and Muji they are an in-expensive solution to your packing problems.

Summer Glow

Ideal for Summer!
Packed with nourishing ingredients, our new Tinted Moisturiser is a ‘holiday essential’.
This lightweight formulation evens out skin-tone whilst giving a ‘natural’ radiant look to your skin.
A great alternative to our Morning Light Foundation during the warmer weather.

View shades

Your Most Stylish Summer

colour me beautiful image consultants are here to help you create a Summer wardrobe that is your most stylish yet.

Get in touch below to find your local consultant and book in for colour, style or a pre-holiday personal shop.

Contact your local colour me beautiful consultant

Inject some COLOUR and STYLE into your wardrobe with vibrant new shades from Kettlewell.

Hope Fashion have an incredible range of versatile basics that are both comfortable and stylish

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Style With Kate May 2015 Newsletter

Occasion Wear to Turn Heads!

Summer is the season for dressing up and special occasions – from a day at the races with friends to family weddings, there are lots of excuses to get glam!

Hats have been an accessory of the chic and sophisticated for decades but in recent years the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, Zara Phillips Tindall, Katherine Jenkins, Dita Von Teese and even Lady Gaga have made hat-wearing current and fun.

A fabulous hat is the perfect way to give your look the WOW factor and there are a multitude of options to choose from, whether it’s small and simple to fabulous and flamboyant – the question is, which to go for?

This month we’ve collaborated with milliner Beth Hughes to offer you some expert advice on choosing the right headwear for your special occasion this Summer.

Key factors to consider

Beth says…
“There are several things to bear in mind, the first of which is colour! As your hat will be worn so close to your face, it’s really important that it’s a flattering colour.

I recommend picking an accent colour from your outfit for your hat, or go for a complete opposite which you can carry through to other accessories like your bag and shoes.

Once the colour has been decided you must then ensure that the hat works with your face shape and hairstyle, as well as it being in proportion with your build and stature (generally the taller you are, the bigger the hat you can carry off).

Most importantly you need to feel comfortable in your hat – it should reflect your style and personality. When you find ‘the one’ it will make you stand taller and straighter and you won’t be able to help but smile at yourself in the mirror!”

colour me beautiful tip…

Consider the shape and colour of your glasses if you will be wearing these with your hat. They need to compliment each other and you should ensure your glasses don’t get in the way of the style of headwear you choose.

Headwear for short hair

Beth says…
“The danger with hats and short hair is that if you’re not careful your hat will cover all your hair and give the impression that you have no hair at all!

Rather than choosing a traditional hat with a crown and brim, opt for a headpiece or fascinator that leaves plenty of hair on show. This doesn’t mean you have to go for something small; discs are ideal for ladies with short hair as they have the size and impact of a full hat but still leave plenty of hair on show.”

colour me beautiful tip

be aware that black or dark colours will cast dark shadows across your face which will show on pictures.

A day at the races

Getting a group of friends together for a day at the races is a wonderful way to spend a Summer’s day – but striking the right balance with your outfit can sometimes be tricky.

Beth says…
“There are lots of headpieces available now, you’ll have seen the Duchess of Cambridge opts for berets and perchers on a regular basis. More tailored and formal than fascinators, they are very easy to wear and are a great alternative to the traditional hat; perfect for a trip to the races.

They are generally worn on an elastic which can be easily disguised in amongst your hair whether it’s worn up or down, plus you have the added benefit of keeping your hairstyle in tact!”

Let’s Get Sociable!

We love connecting on our social media accounts – do drop by and say ‘hello’!

Got a wedding coming up? This month we’ll be looking at how to dress for different types of weddings (beach, city, country, you name it!) and sharing inspirational images of our favourite footwear, destinations and style icons over on Pinterest!

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Style With Kate October 2014 Newsletter

The scarf trend – how will you wear yours? 

Are you a wrap, tie or drape kind of woman?


However you like to wear yours, scarves are timeless and can give your outfit an instant new twist.  Make sure you have some good colours to choose from so you always have this must-have accessory on hand to add a finishing touch to your outfits.



        Helen Mirren                             Olivia Palermo                 Duchess of Cambridge


Simple elegance

‘Everyday elegance’ is one of this season’s looks. To fit with this theme, you can keep your scarf simple by tying it neatly around your neck and finishing with a knot or draping it loosely down your front.


All scarves shown  are available to buy
  Scarf colours above are:  Silver, Buttercup and Shocking Pink. 

Belt over scarf
Wearing your belt over your scarf is a new look for autumn/winter 2014 (first spotted on Olivia Palermo).  You can do it with any size scarf, whatever suits your style and shape. It’s a lovely way to inject colour, pattern and layering.
Scarves shown here are Polka Dot Wraps in Ash Grey and Blush Pink.  From my jersey scarf range you can see Royal Purple and Emerald.

Layer up

Layering with scarves not only keeps you warm, it adds colour and texture to your look too.


Jersey scarves shown are Bronze, Peacock and Russett.

Effortless draping

Simple but effective:  just let your scarf hang loose draping down your front (with or without a knot) or even down your back.


Scarves in order as they appear above: Emerald and PeacockShocking Pink,

 Russet and Emerald.

Wrap up 
There’s nothing like the feeling of a cosy pashmina that keeps out the chill and looks fabulous too. Work this season’s pink, grey and spotty trends with our beautiful spotted pashminas.
Contact me about my full range of scarves.